Email Server- Why Zimbra is better then Exchange ?

In General if we talk about email servers for SME & Large Enterprise few dedicated  names will be there in our list , which is Exchange(IT 360) , Lotus , Mail-demon, Zimbra & Exim.  Lots of companies will stuck on vfirst two names and choose  them because of the Brand Names & mouth publicity  however if we talk about the technology & Security then Zimbra is far better choice as an email server .

Today will discuss why Zimbra is better then Exchange or any other technology .We will compare them on Five logical points .

1- Security

2- Features

3- Price

4- Reliability

5- Administration & Reporting

I will cover first two point in this post and last three in next one .


 Zimbra :-

1- Its support two factor Authentication

2-SSL SNI for web URL https

3-Secure from SPAMBOTS with postscreen feature

4- S/MIMW Digital Signatures and encryption


1-Inbuilt chat and video calling

2- HSM Storage Feature which give you more storage in lesser price

3- Free AV and SPAM protection

4- Hight Availability Cluster enabled

5- Low Consumption of resources


1- Support Dual Authentication but with paid Services

2- SNI support is only enabled in IT 360

3- SPAMBOT , AV & Spamhaus protection is not there , you need to buy them separate .

4- CHAT & Video features Not available .



five emailsecurity

Five Tips to secure your email

In current scenario you are getting news that lacks of email Id has been hacked , data theft by hackers or data leaked by hackers . To protect your self use below mentioned 5 Tips which can help /reduce the chances of hacking .

1- TWO-FACTOR Authentication.

Now a days every email provider having this security inbuilt with  Messaging server . Use this feature which can reduce the Hacking by 70 %.

Two-factor-Authentication Techblogspot


2- Never reply to spam e-mail

If you don’t know the sender so don’t respond to that email ,  Even if you reply to spam mail to unsubscribe could set you up for more spam emails , also these kind of email may have some fraud links which may harm to your system and security.

spam email techblogspot


3-Create strong & typical passwords

To secure your email , please use strong and alpha numeric with sign password , never use combination of your DOB , wife name and any thing which is easily guessable use passwords like …Hu*5f4(kl2d!yu

strong password techblogspot

4-Do not enter  personal information into a pop-up screen /Shared Computer

Most of the time when you login to your email , may be one more pop-up will come and ask for user name and password , please do not enter in that also logout and clear and delete the cache immediately and get in touch with your system vendor , also never use shared computers /cafe to check your email .


5-USE SSL secured email services provider 

Currently every public email provider having this feature , Prior to login please verify that link should contain a green https:// signal . if there is Red or only http:// would be there then it may harm to your privacy .